Bridon Nylon 3 Strand Rope 6-12mm 250m

Bridon Nylon 3 Strand Rope 6-12mm 250m

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Bridon Nylon Rope Features :

- Twice the strength of Manila rope

- High elongation

- Excellent shock absorption

- Good abrasion resistance

 Nylon Rope has twice the strength of Manila rope. It has high elongation (under load) when compared to other synthetic ropes. Nylon has high energy absorption under shock and good abrasion resistance. When combined, these characteristics makes nylon rope the best in handling compared to other synthetics. It’s utilized extensively in marine use such as mooring lines, towing slings, commercial fishing, utility rope, leisure boat, sailing etc.

Nylon has a higher strength than polyester but also has more elongation. It tends to be used for fixed applications such as mooring lines or sea anchors. It has excellent abrasion resistance but tends to harden as the rope gets more worn. It can also be dyed using acid dyes.

Break Load

6mm - 760KG

8mm - 1,390KG

10mm - 2,130KG

12mm - 3,040KG