Crane Swivels (5 of)

Crane Swivels (5 of)

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Crane Swivel Features :

- Nickle Black

- Rounded Body 

- Compact

- Less Drag


Smaller and stronger

These Crane Swivels are Nickle Black and are 3 times stronger than conventional brass swivels of the same size. Smart anglers know that terminal tackle can spook wary game fish. That's why this compact crane swivel is smaller and stronger than the leading brands of swivels on the market. Now you can use swivels for your rigs that are less visible and significantly more powerful.

This range also has less drag and provides enhanced rotation for more strikes. For decades, crane swivels were manufactured from brass because it is a relatively corrosion resistant material and easy to manufacture. Still today, the leading brand of mini swivels continues to use brass bodies with stainless steel rings that cannot match the strength of Crane Swivels. Recent advances in manufacturing brought these revolutionary, smaller and stronger components.