Victory - Cabbage 308 Knife Stainless Steel
Victory - Cabbage 308 Knife Stainless Steel

Victory - Cabbage 308 Knife Stainless Steel

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VICTORY Knives are recognised as New Zealand's best knives manufactured here in New Zealand since 1927. These are the number one knife used by commercial divers all around the world! Manufactured from the highest grade steel imported from Germany all knives come with a life time guarantee.

The cabbage knife for the serious cook, the Victory 2/308/30/111 Stainless Steel Cabbage Knife is built tough and is ergonomically designed for enhanced comfort and ease-of-use. Its one-piece solid stainless steel blade ensures that you'll have a long lasting knife for years to come.


Victory Knife Features:

- Full constant taper

- Durable blade

- Resilient cutting edge and easy to maintain

- Strong, hard and wear resistant blade with improved edge retention

- Flat grind high polish

- Exceptional surface finish makes cutting easier and reduces corrosion

- Safety finger guard

- Handle is designed for excellent grip. Proven robust and practical

- No gap at handle & blade joint for better hygiene

- Comes with unique traceable serial number

- MAF and FDA approved


Victory Knife Specifications:

- Steel type: Stainless steel

- Blade code: 308

- Blade length: 30cm

- Handle code: 111 (white)